Make Time for Meditation

Posted on December 6, 2016 at 5:25 pm


Stress management is an important topic that’s discussed in virtually every appointment with the doctors at True Health Medicine, PC because it is THAT IMPORTANT to achieving health and wellness. Chronic stress lowers the immune system, increases risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases energy and overall sense of happiness.

Clearly it’s important to not have chronic stress but let’s face it, we all have stress whether it be from work, family, and/or what’s going on in our rapidly shifting, dynamic world. The important thing is how our minds and our bodies react to the ever-present stress of modern life. When these stressors are consistently putting us in a state of fight or flight or what I like to call “running from the saber tooth tiger”, this is when the damage begins. Part of our job is helping our patients learn methods to take themselves out of “reaction mode”. One technique that almost always ends up on my treatment plan is meditation.

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