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Saturday, August 24, 2019

History: Winona Cemetery

Congratulations Tualatin, for being chosen as one of the best eight communities in America. And thanks to the great foresighted leaders that are shaping...




Cinderella, Broadway Rose Theatre Company, Children's Musical

The Broadway Rose Theatre Company Presents a Magical Children’s Musical

Broadway Rose Theatre Company will produce Cinderella, a children’s musical production, playing Aug. 14 – 17, and 24 - 27. Performances held at The New...
Councilor, City Council

Meet Your Councilor: María A. Reyes

In this past November election, María Reyes became the first Latina Council Member to ever serve on the City’s Council. I know most of...
DRIVE IT!, driving

DRIVE IT! Biased Driving

What would you say if I told you that a blind man could drive? I saw it happen... traveling at up to 60mph, instructed...


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Tualatin Families discover enriching experiences

Tualatin Families Discover Enriching Experiences

Some wonderful relationships have been made in Tualatin through the opportunity to host international exchange students. Tualatin families and students alike are nervous, excited...
Community Warehouse

Community Warehouse awarded $5,000 from Fournier Group, Inc. through the 2016 Safeco Insurance® Make...

SUBM ITTED BY CARLY SANDERS Fournier Group, Inc. in Portland has earned a 2016 Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Award for its community work...

State-of-the-Art Chest Pain Center Now Open at Meridian Park Medical Center

If you are experiencing chest pain near the Tualatin area and require the highest level of care, then you’re in luck. Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center has...


Back in The Olden Days

As sure as the sun comes up in the east each morning, spring has come to the Pacific Northwest. As I ready my garden for...

Aging in Place

books on wheels

Books on Wheels

celebrating Tualatin

Celebrating Tualatin!