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Last month we featured two stories about Kyle Kuch, the 18 year old pedestrian hit by a car while crossing Boones Ferry.  The stories were both tragic, yet positive at the same time.  The one from his mother, Deborah, was so touching that I made a wager with Police Chief Barker that if he welled up while reading it he’d owe me a Starbucks.  He paid his debt the next day.  The emotion was not only due to the depth of empathy he felt for Kyle and his family, but also the pride he felt in the highly compassionate manner his department handled the situation.

The other story, of community members rallying behind the family to not only offer comfort, but also the several contractors who gave materials and their labor to retrofit Kyle’s home to be compatible with his wheelchair, also hit a nerve with many readers.  My friend, electrician Gregg Walther, mentioned that people saw him at Fred Meyer and thanked him for his efforts.  This is what a tight knit community does and it’s gratifying to see.

Many thanks to local freelance writer and friend Mary Andonian for her Earthquake Talk article.  It will open your eyes to the need for planning.

Another story came in that I really enjoyed, about local UPS driver, Steve Whitaker, releasing first full album.  That someone can hold down a demanding day job, yet have an entire world of music going on in his spare time is utterly impressive to me.  So many have dreams, but also have a mortgage, so the dream gets cast aside.  Steve shows that you can actually do both if you have the will and determination.

Last month we began a series about Tualatin’s Aging Task Force which has a mission to engage Seniors and Active Older Adults with community events designed to embellish their lives with a huge assortment of activities, opportunities to volunteer, and now are looking at means to assist with their transportation issues.  They are hosting a Transit workshop tomorrow (the 24th) at the Juanita Pohl Center and they’d like your input if you would care to voice your thoughts.

In October the City of Tualatin hosts the Pumpkin Regatta event at the Commons along with the Regatta Run, a major fundraiser for the Matthew Lembke Memorial Scholarship.  These events embody Tualatin’s uniqueness and are a great deal of fun as well.

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Jonathan Crane




  1. Jonathon,
    I regularly read your publication and I have a question.
    I am on the board of a local non-profit organization called Love INC of Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood. I would like to use your paper to release information and news about our organization. Is the story submission page the best way or would you prefer a press release to an email address?
    Please let me know as we’re getting ready to open our office and want to do an announcement.
    Thank you,
    Bruce Varney

  2. Jonathan,

    Last night my wife and I enjoyed a great dinner at Hayden’s with live music from Nate Botsford, local artist. He has made it through a few rounds of interviews toward American Idol…I there is a story here.

    Nate Botsford (nathanbotsfordmusic@gmail.com)

    Thank you,
    Ray VanWetten

  3. Hi…I head a community organization called Redondo’s 99% and I’m following up on a story you did last year on the impact of CenterCal on local businesses. I thought it was excellent. CenterCal is slated to develop the Redondo Beach, CA waterfront and it is extremely controversial to many in this coastal community. I’d like to interview someone about the effect on tenants, rents, community fitness, etc….could come up with a handful of questions and email for response. Please send me an email at redondosninetynine@gmail.com with any questions, comments, etc…your local voice would help shed some light on the our potential future. Thank you! JC

  4. Mr. Crane:
    Just read your “letter to the Editor” / The Oregonian 8/21
    “Traffic bad? You don’t say!”

    Spot on / Right to the point / Absolutely loved it.
    I look forward to Tualatin Life issues.
    Please keep up the great work.

    Tom Re

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