A New Home for the Holidays


A New Home for the Holidays

Written by: Nancy Truax    As many of you are bustling around town doing your holiday shopping, decorating your homes, and preparing for guests, Oregon Dog Rescue (ODR), an all-breed, no-kill, non-profit organization, will be moving into its first dedicated home. My original columnin Tualatin Life (June 2009) was about my volunteer experience with ODR and wasentitled “The Best Job in the World”. Since then, I have watched this incredibly dedicated group of volunteers work tirelessly to place dogs in the very best homes, train the more difficult ones to make them family-friendly, and nurse quite a few injured or ill dogs back to health so that they are adoptable. Deb Bowen and Krystyna Schmidt, the women who started the organization, and their devoted volunteers,
have found permanent homes for 1200 dogs since July of 2007.   Click here for Full story and Photos


  1. BRAVO for Oregon Dog Rescue. It just shows what a difference a few people can make. It is amazing what they have done in such a short time! Sad to think of where these dogs would have ended up! TWO THUMBS up to ODR in this never ending battle of “No homeless pets!”

    Another group worth noting is Fences for Fido—grassroots group making a huge difference in the life’s on dogs!


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