Tualatin Special Election September 16th Light Rail Measure 34-220


You may have heard there’s an election in September.
To be clear and avoid any voter confusion, Measure 34-220 is not a vote for or against Light Rail. The September 16th measure is a vote to Require a Public Vote on Light Rail.




  1. This article states that this is not pro or con of Light Rail. This stance is a misrepresentation when the context of the article is read. In column 3, it states that, “Supporters of the measure do NOT believe Tualatin voters want any Light Rail Transit,…” This is definitely an anti-public transportation ballot measure. Currently, the public transportation in Tualatin is woefully inadequate. While I enjoy living here, I wish that we had more transportation options here. I applaud the City Council for having the foresight to prepare this city for light rail. I will be voting no on this measure.

  2. I am in agreement with having light rail system, however, with no stop in Tualatin, first stop from downtown Portland should be Sherwood, OR.
    I am voting YES on this measure.

  3. I am voting against this measure because of this statement, “To be clearwe do not believe Tualatin voters want any Light Rail Transit” This makes this measure anti-light rail. I am for mass transit including light rail because of how damaging cars are to the environment and because of the nessissity to use less forein oil. The purpose of light rail is to get people effeciently to and from work. If we dom’t plan well we will be hit a lot harder bye the next enegy crisis that if we are prepaired. I am a Tualatin voter and badly want mass Transit. I am also against this measure because no argument against this measure was presented to the voters. Both an argument for and against should always be included with the ballot.


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