Update on Jessi Thorne

Update on Jessi Thorne

To Our Readers: Here is the latest news about Jessi Thorne. It’s not great at the moment, but I remain confident that good people will do the right thing and she will ultimately get the help she needs. I can’t imagine going through all she is going through and I admire her spirit. I’m sure all of us hope this gets resolved very soon. I will commit to keeping readers posted as to her progress, good or bad. –JC

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  1. The fact that Jessi’s surgery has not taken place yet
    should have all who know about her story very concerned. Why
    has not some insurance source come forth yet to do this surgery, and why does it need to be so expensive? Does Portland’s OHSU have a Dr. who is skilled in this surgery?
    Does that hospital no take payments on some sort on a sliding scale. Can they do a desperate surgery like hers for free? Should theState of Oregon be shamed by the putting up of a big billboard on highways calling for action? Could some charitable assn.
    foot the bill?


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