Marine helicopter combat pilot honored at 2015 Memorial Day Ceremony, Flight team performs aerial Missing Man Formation over Winona Cemetery “Best picnic ever” concludes patriotic event at Tualatin Community Park


High levels of patriotism and enthusiasm were literally in the air throughout the 2015 Memorial Day Observation at Winona Cemetery here on May 25 and continued on through the festive picnic provided by the VFW Men’s Auxiliary 3452 at Tualatin Community Park. The West Coast Ravens opened the ceremony with a flyover, doing a dramatic Missing Man formation. As the six RV (experimental) aerobatic aircraft crossed over the cemetery, one plane pulled out of the formation, and turned to the West, leaving a symbolic empty slot to honor a fallen aviator. Emcee Dale Potts noted, “Ravens may be a tame sounding name but they sure put on a dynamic show.”Million to build a new one.



  1. Why are locations even being considered if they are not available or not for sale?

    The location that makes the most sense is the Robinson Crossing location. I cannot imagine why the entire building is not available since it has been sitting vacant for over a year and there are no or maybe one tenant. The city should look into buying the site or condemn it and use imminent domain to get the building as other cities have done.

    The Threat Dynamics site could be used but keep the existing building and expand it. That would be less expensive.

    ONA has too much traffic congestion for a public facility. It is difficult to get in and out of.

    Locating on the Commons would be nice but the costs appear prohibitive.

  2. i think we should use an existing space and make an effort to make do with what we have. Why wasn’t this figured out BEFORE the existing building was demolished. I think we should rent a spot and not buy one. These options are too expensive. Our taxes are high enough.

  3. I want to thank you for this article. I don’t know when or how the city council informed us there was a survey, so no wonder there has been very, very little in the way of replies.

    The Robinson Crossing is a good location, because that building has been vacant. About a month ago, a survey worker was at my work and I asked him about this… he indicated they (the city workers) didn’t want to go to this building. I will be very surprised if, regardless of how many citizens of Tualatin weigh in on this building as the choice, the council would choose it. I agree with Tom Beall, ONA would be a horrible traffic nightmare (like we need more!)

    I was very annoyed (and indicated this in my survey response) that the city, when discussing the Police Building as a choice, would actually have the gall to say “The close proximity to the railroad tracks would require noise mitigation.” Ohhh do tell? How about you pay for noise mitigation to all the families effected by the WES horns going off in the morning? Nah, didn’t think so… we just have to deal with it, so you can too.

    Sorry for the length of this but this issue really sets me off!

  4. The city should not look to build another building. What is wrong with recycling a building that is already here and not being used. Aspen Place or Robinson Crossing are fine options and would not cost the city (ie tax payers) tons of money. 12 to 21 million for a city hall- are you kidding me. This should be put to a vote, I do not remember receiving a survey.

  5. I agree with all the above…our taxes are crippling already..WES noise is abominable for residents but why a worry for City Hall?…OREGON is ALL about recycling, so recycle existing or rent… cut the costs, use our money wisely = plans show unbelievable space wastage…diminish size… We live in moderate size homes because we can’t afford more…so should a City Hall.


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