Jill Dawes: Everyday Heroes

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Tualatin resident, Jill Dawes, has a huge heart of compassion and is making an impact in the lives of those around her in our community. Not only for people in need, but those she works alongside.

Jill has volunteered at Love INC for over five years. Love INC, which serves the Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood (loveinc-tts.org) areas, help people in need. They do so by assessing needs, connecting individuals and families to resources, and follow up to offer their continued support. Love INC partners with other organizations and local churches as a way to pool resources and effectively serve more people. Jill has a burden for families in need, and even works to help find housing options. “We say if you have something to donate, Jill knows who to give it to to make the biggest impact,” says friend and fellow Love INC volunteer, Ken Caron. Jill spends one day a week counseling those in crisis, discovers their needs, listens to them and walks them through the process of becoming a Love INC client. Jill makes them feel heard, seen and valuable through her kindness and puts them at ease. She even delivers items to Love INC clients.

Jill can also be found donating her time and talent at Northwest Children’s Outreach, at the Rolling Hills Community Church locations in Tualatin (northwestchildrensoutreach.org). Their mission is to provide for the basic needs of children, ages infant to eighteen tears. They also provide clothing and supplies to over forty other agencies in the surrounding area.

Jill attends Countryside church in Sherwood, and is not only an active member but also helps those within the church as well as outside the church. You can even find her volunteering at a theater company downtown, and taking in a play. She is also involved in Missions work in India.

Every successful organization, especially non-profit organizations, thrive when they have volunteers like Jill Dawes, who continuously give of their time and talent to serve others.

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