Wild Over Watercolor (WOW!) celebrates 15 years as leading visual arts group in Tualatin

Terry Schmidt (left) and Karen Berg man the WOW! table at last year’s Riverpark Community Fair. This year’s fair will be held at Jurgens Park on Saturday, June 1st.
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WOW! is what they call it and for good reason. Not just a cute acronym, WOW! gives joy and encouragement to the people who meet, work, and grow together in this artist group, which meets twice monthly in Tualatin at the Tualatin Heritage Center. 

Who is WOW!? They are watercolor painters from every walk of life and are united in their love of the flow of paint on paper. They would tell you it’s an addiction!  Some of our members are new to getting the unruly medium under control. Others are award-winning artists gaining broader name recognition in the larger art community. Learning and innovation are hallmarks of this creative group. Experience level matters not as much as sharing knowledge about creating interesting compositions, mixing colors, and trying new techniques. 

What about seeing WOW! artwork? WOW! puts on an impressive annual group art show in August at the Enid Joy Mount Gallery in the Keizer Art Center, which, we’ve been told by those who follow art, rivals the collective accomplishments of any art group in Oregon.

Want to meet some WOW! people and get to know us better? WOW! will have a table at Jurgens Park on Saturday, June 1st, along with other City groups, to reach out to the community in an informal way. Visit the artists there who will be painting and answering your questions. In prior years, visitors to the WOW! table have commented, “I like art and want to do it, but can’t draw or paint.” 

We would reply: “You don’t need to be born with any special talent. To become an artist, you need curiosity, a desire to learn, and a willingness to try new skills and practice them.”  WOW! is open to new members who share a passion for painting.

If you want to learn more about what activities WOW! has going on and their meeting schedule, go to the WOW! website at www.wowiswatercolor.org. You will find information about the upcoming art show in Keizer and also learn about where to take classes to brush up on your skills or take yourself to the next level. Several of the members of WOW! are practicing art teachers in the community and have a great background as art educators. With their help, you can learn the basics of watercolor, as well as intermediate and advanced techniques. You can learn about specialized methods such as marbling and get private consultations and mentoring.

Visit WOW! on June 1st at Jurgens Park to speak with an artist about the group, or visit them online if you or someone you know is interested in the wild and wonderful world of watercolor.

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