Forty Facts Featuring the Tualatin Rotary Club:

Rotarians raised $4800 in one day to aide women and children seeking refuge in Poland.
Rotarians raised $4800 in one day to aide women and children seeking refuge in Poland.
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  1. Founded in 1982 and chartered in 1983, the Tualatin Rotary Club has been a benefactor in this community for forty years. 
  2. Twenty-nine men were the first members and in 1987, three women were admitted.  
  3. Rotary International has led the fight to eradicate Polio worldwide.   
  4. Rotary is a service organization.  Members clean Tualatin Sherwood Road twice a year. 
  5. The club has participated in “Building Together”, a project to help homeowners with home repairs.  
  6. Members have worked at Pearl Street Farm and The Tualatin Bird Refuge tackling blackberry bushes, weeding, and providing general landscape maintenance.  
  7. The Tualatin Rotary focusses its fundraising on the youth in our city.  
  8. The majority of funds raised each year are donated to Tualatin High School.  
  9. Scholarships for First Generation College students have exceeded $200.000. Currently, five students are enrolled in college and the sixth graduate will complete her education in May.  
  10. Rotary has supported The Crimsonaires and the FBLA, two clubs at the High School. 
  11. The TuHS counseling office has been gifted funds to provide extra care for students. 
  12. Rotarians have participated with students in InterCambio and the club has funded their mentoring program. The high schoolers support struggling students at Hazelbrook Middle School and Rotary supports the work they do. 
  13. Every year, a student from TuHS has been selected as a foreign exchange student and spends a year attending high school in another country.  
  14. Rotary also sponsors a high schooler from a foreign country to experience education at TuHS. Members of the Rotary Club provide a monthly stipend for this student and offer many opportunities to explore Oregon.  
  15. Rotary has been funding Legacy Projects in this community.  These are long lasting gifts that benefit our youth.  Bridgeport Elementary has a track and Rotary was one of the signature donors.  
  16. Literacy is high on the list for Rotarians.  The Tualatin Club supports Books on Wheels. This summer reading program gives free books to students during the summer break.  
  17. Dictionaries delight every third grader in town.  The club purchases and delivers these treasures every year.  
  18. The dictionaries have gone global.  Travelers join “Pack With A Purpose” and bring Tualatin dictionaries around the globe. 
  19. Members of the Tualatin Club have travelled the globe in service to others.  
  20. The club’s first trip brought Rick Matthias, Bill Jordan and Pat Nicholson to Toledo, Brazil in 1996.  They worked at three dental clinics and set up preventative care and dental health awareness.  
  21. Honduras, Uganda, Costa Rica, Cambodia, India, Guatemala, Poland and Tanzania are just some of the countries that benefitted with aid from Tualatin Rotary.  
  22. Current club members have started service projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, and India.  Advances have been made in dental health, preventive medicine and women’s financial opportunities.  
  23. Shelterbox is an organization that is supported by the Tualatin Rotary.  This global organization provides critical supplies for refugees and people displaced by natural disasters. 
  24. Rotary supports RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly and awards a scholarship to a young community member.  
  25. Rotary provides trainings for its own club members.  
  26. In honor of Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris, awards are presented to club members and community residents. 
  27. Rotarians wear pins.  Members all over the world recognize the Rotary emblem.  
  28. The 2022 Tualatin Rotary membership is comprised of 45 members.  
  29. The club welcomes new members.  
  30. Rotary meets every Wednesday at noon.  
  31. The meetings are held at the Tualatin Country Club and are known to serve the best lunch in town.  
  32. Rotary raises funds through fundraisers.  
  33. The first attempt was a rose sale then several auctions.  
  34. The main fundraiser for 2022 will be The Regatta Run.  
  35. Rotary invites everyone to participate in this 5K event this October. 
  36. Proceeds are earmarked for college scholarships for first generation students at TuHS.  
  37. Additional funds provide educational opportunities for local youth.  
  38. Rotary has one of the best charitable giving ratings. 
  39. Rotary is ready to serve this community for the next 40 years.  
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