Tualatin Defeats Westview in 6th Season Game

Tualatin High School, tualatin high school football, westview high school, football
Kainoa Sayre (#21)
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Six games down.

Three games before the playoffs.

Still undefeated.

Tualatin High School kept their stretch clean when up against the Westview Wildcats on Oct. 18 as they scored 42 – 14 and their sixth win of the season.

Starting the game, the teams left no time to waste. The Wildcats managed a touchdown 51 seconds into the game. Less than a minute later, Tualatin responded with a touchdown of their own by Josh Boespflug (#22) and a two-point conversion resulting in an 8 – 7 lead.

They would maintain this lead for the rest of the game with their receiver Luke Marion (#7).

Marion’s first chance with the ball had run half the field for their second 6-points that game. This was followed immediately by another touchdown before the first quarter had even ended and he scored yet again in the 4th quarter.

Tualatin High School, tualatin high school football, westview high school, football
Luke Marion (#7) tackles Westview’s Keith Moton. Photos: Henry Kaus.

However, this game wasn’t all sunshine and daisies for the Timberwolves. (In fact, it was quite cold and cloudy) The game seemed to be a cluster of messy plays after messy plays.

The ball was fumbled out onto the field at every turn and turnovers seemed almost commonplace. The Wildcats even managed to pick up their own punt resulting in a first down and 50-yard gain for them.

But the team wasn’t just a team, they honestly acted like a family. Cheering on every player, and yelling out to every teammate on the field, they were a collective squad. From helping up the fallen opponent players to clapping when anyone injured walked triumphantly off the field.

Additionally, the coaches kept the players at ease during the matchup. If a slipup ever struck, they were there to tell the players on the field to keep their eyes on the play and to keep their worries from any mistake.

All of which collected in their record of 6 – 0 and kept Westview back for 2 – 4. What’s next? The Timberwolves are entering a gauntlet of teams.

In the post-game speech by Coach Dan Lever, he said, “It’s the playoffs from here on out. The good news is, we get the opportunity to go out against the best teams in the state and see where we measure up.”

Before the playoffs truly begin, which they already get to take part in due to their schedule, they face West Linn on the 18th, Lake Oswego on 25th and Tigard on Nov. 1. All of whom are in the top 15 teams and will test Tualatin to their limits.

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