Jenny Tries Reflexology

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Prior to meeting Craig Ronshausen, I knew nothing about Reflexology. I had never even heard of Reiki. Craig’s services are uncommon as there are not many people who offer both Reiki and Reflexology.

What is Reiki?
It’s a form of alternative medicine originated in Japan which uses physical touch, and has a lot to do with transfer of energy through the palms to the body of the patient on certain key areas. This is a practice found all over the world. It’s been practiced hundreds of years in many cultures under different names, but it’s basis is the same: the laying on of hands to promote healing through a universal life force.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is an application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. It is based on a system of zones of the body on the feet. The theory is that by working on the feet, the trouble areas connected to the nerves in the feet will provide a physical change to the body.

There are 7200 nerves on the bottom of each foot. Never mind the top! So, it’s not a radical notion that there would be a connection from our feet to the rest of our body. I mean, isn’t it all connected?

European countries with socialized medicine promote many of these techniques and practices. It is just a bit more taboo here in our western culture.

It is not a massage. Craig is not a licensed massage therapist. He is a certified Reflexologist through the Board of Reflexology. He is a Reiki Master, which means he’s studied it to the point of being able to teach others about it. Craig has a great heart and enjoys sharing his knowledge. His warm and welcoming demeanor is an invitation for all to come experience something new. I personally accepted this invitation.

I unintentionally didn’t disclose several medical conditions which Craig discovered through our Reflexology session. I lay on a table in comfortable clothing (Craig recommends shorts and a baggy t-shirt). He applied pressure to points on my feet. He then used the Reiki palm techniques on several points of my body. Many people fall asleep during their sessions as the room is kept a comfortable temperature, you’re covered in blankets, the lights are out and soft music plays while you drink in the scent of lavender essential oils. After our ninety minute session, I was relaxed and refreshed. I literally felt physically lighter.

Craig sees many people – all walks of life and varying degrees of health. There is absolutely no pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. He made this new experience informative and comfortable for me.

Reflexology Reiki Rejuvenate
Where: 10151 Southwest Barbur Boulevard Suite 104
Portland, Oregon 97219
(Must call or text for an appointment.)
Contact: (971) 227-6332

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