When Diet and Exercise Fail…

Real results from only 5 AbSLIM sessions.
Real results from only 5 AbSLIM sessions.
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You go to the gym. You eat healthy. So why do you still struggle with cellulite?  Where did that pooch come from? 

In the past, people looked to highly invasive and painful options like liposuction or skin removal surgery to achieve their dream bodies. 

Not anymore.  Fresh out of Europe, body contouring is the next big trend for aesthetics – now you can achieve surgical-like results without surgery or pain. 

Body contouring encompasses a wide variety of well-known and safe technologies including ultrasound, radiofrequency, vacuum therapy, Cryo therapy, LED Lipo Laser Sculpt, and electric muscle stimulation.  Clients can shape and mold their bodies, while enjoying relaxing treatments, that allow them to resume normal activity immediately after. 

The important question is – is body contouring right for you? Read below some frequently asked questions about body contouring and you’ll see, that yes, it’s right for almost anyone!

Do treatments hurt or leave lasting side effects?

Most treatments are very relaxing and have no uncomfortable sensations. Some can cause some discomfort during treatment, but have very little lasting pain or side effects when the treatment has finished. The most normal side effect is a small amount of redness in the treatment area.

Are the treatments safe?

Yes! While most of these treatments have only been recently been introduced in the U.S., many of these treatments have been used since 2005 and people have been safely and successfully treated in over 50 countries over the past 9 years. 

Does body contouring work on higher BMI or very loose skin? 

Yes!  It’s important when pursuing a facility that provides body contouring, that they can provide a multitude of technologies that can work with all shapes and sizes.

What areas can be treated?

Body contouring can treat a wide variety of areas and concerns with great success: non-invasive, non-surgical versions of the facelift, neck lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, front and back of thigh slimming, arm slimming, muscle toning, non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift, breast lift, acne controlling treatments, and scar and stretch mark therapy.

How long will results last?

The results are easily maintained, especially when combined with exercise and proper nutrition. Some technologies provide permanent fat reduction solutions that can mimic the same effect as liposuction. However, we cannot stop the natural aging that affects your appearance and skin. For this reason, we recommend maintenance visits, especially concerning skin tightening. 

Book a free consultation today to find out how Aesthetic Body Design can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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Whitney Berrier
Certified Oregon Esthetician, has been on the forefront of face and body contouring for the past three years in Oregon. She has helped clients across the Northwest achieve their aesthetic face and body goals. Now, she brings her own body sculpting knowledge to Tualatin, with the latest and most advanced technologies from around the world. With her advanced expertise in the field accompanied by fully licensed aesthetic team – Aesthetic Body Design is Oregon’s premiere destination for face and body contouring – client focused, results driven. For more information or to book a consultation, visit www.aestheticbodydesign.com or call 503-575-7653.