Cyndy Hillier – Tualatin City Council Position 4 Candidate

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Cyndy Hillier

Why are you running for city councilor, what do you bring to the table that your opponents do not?

I am running to bring a prevention lens to the City Council. I will listen to everyone in the community and ensure they feel seen, heard and represented. I will always bring the heart of families who live and recreate in our city with me as I make decisions. Having the unique opportunity to serve with our K-12 students and families, I have proven my commitment to working behind the scenes to bring parties together, to move organizations forward and to do it all while keeping focus on the health and welfare of our students and families. 

City council is a volunteer position and I have a history of volunteering for various causes, ranging from supporting and leading parent organizations in our school community, board and officer positions with Tualatin City Softball, working on the Parks and Recreation Plan and Tualatin 2040 Visioning Committee, and finally being a member of and then chairing the Tualatin Budget Committee. These experiences have given me a unique perspective about families, on what motives and drives them, and on what they may be hesitant to speak out on.  Tualatin is not simply a place where I live and work, it is a place where my heart’s work is. I believe this makes me uniquely qualified to represent the city. I will find a way to hear and learn from all corners of our community and respond accordingly. 

What is the #1 issue facing Tualatin and what do you propose we do about it?

It would be easy to say that high profile items such as local traffic and I-205 tolling are the central issues facing the city and no doubt they are important matters. Certainly, there will be time spent on these issues no matter who is on the council. In my passion for our youth, I am committed to addressing the needs of that community. From my work on the budget committee I believe there is room to partner with the county, for profit and not for profit businesses to create a youth center in the community. Especially with the onset of the COVID pandemic, our youth need a place to gain coping skills and have trusted adults to help guide them. I vision a place youth and families can gather, have fun while building emotional skills to cope in these hectic times.

As a 22-year resident of Tualatin and a wife and parent of two children who graduated from Tualatin schools, I would be honored to bring my years of volunteer service to the city council. I humbly ask for your vote.

Cyndy Hillier for City Council