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Tualatin to Institute Parks Maintenance Fee

Tualatin residents will soon be paying a little more on their monthly utility bill to fund the maintenance of aging parks facilities. 

Tualatin Council Outlines 2021 Policy Priorities

The Tualatin City Council’s priorities for 2021 not surprisingly read like they are dealing with all of the issues that faced the...

City Finances Remain Sound Heading into New Fiscal Year

The City of Tualatin is doing better than expected financially, given the economic challenges posed over the past year by the COVID-19...

Showing, Rather than Telling the Story of Stormwater

There is no such thing as the “too long; didn’t read” version of Tualatin’s new Stormwater Master Plan. It’s far too complicated...

Tualatin Council Approves Police Policy Recommendations

The Tualatin City Council last month approved a series of recommendations for improving police policies and practices centered around the use of...

Tualatin News in Brief: January 2021

TVF&R Moves Logistics Operations to Tualatin Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue’s Logistics Division announced it has moved into a...

Women Now in the Majority on City Council

Earlier this month, three new councilors were sworn onto the Tualatin City Council. Tualatin Life had the opportunity to ask each of...

New Development Proposed for Basalt Creek

The way is now clear for a range of new residential development in the Basalt Creek area.  The Tualatin...

Council to Consider New Parks Funding Sources

Tualatin residents could be paying more in parks fees in 2021 to help improve the city’s aging parks system. 

Tualatin Allows Greater Leeway for Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis businesses now have a friendlier climate in which to grow in Tualatin.  The Tualatin City Council voted 5-2...
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