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Join Tualatin City Leaders for Q&A

On December 6, all Tualatin businesses and commercial property owners are invited to meet via Zoom with Tualatin Mayor Frank Bubenik, Police Chief Greg...

COVID Hasn’t Stop CERT Training

Thanks to the City of Tualatin and our wonderful CERT Trainers, you can learn how to prepare for an emergency and volunteer to help...

Prepare your pets for disasters

Tualatin Neighborhood Ready volunteers will meet with you, your neighbors, your church, or other organizations to discuss readiness for your entire household, neighborhood or...

Tualatin Neighborhood Ready presentations now available online

How prepared were you to evacuate your home during the September 2020 wildfires? How did you feed your family with no power during the...

Pedestrian Safety Top of Mind

The warm weather of April quickly brought thoughts of spring and the outdoors to all of us. This month also brought children back to school;...

A Bridge to Nowhere?

In the world of national politics there are many times when politicians have winced while talking about a “Bridge to Nowhere.” Perhaps the most...

Tualatin Moving Forward Continues Rapid Pace

2020 was a year of construction in Tualatin when it comes to transportation and pedestrian safety.  City of Tualatin Public Works Director Jeff Fuchs briefed...

Tualatin’s First Virtual CIO Annual Meeting

Last November, Martinazzi Woods Community Involvement Organization (CIO) held its first virtual annual meeting on Zoom. Usually, CIO annual meetings are held in person...

Local Businesses Hiring in Tualatin

We’ve all seen the signs around town of businesses large and small trying to attract employees, while at the same time reading reports about...

Train to Help Until Help Arrives

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program helps make Tualatin a more resilient community by teaching our neighbors about disaster preparedness and hazards that...
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