Local Businesses Hiring in Tualatin

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We’ve all seen the signs around town of businesses large and small trying to attract employees, while at the same time reading reports about high unemployment. Why the disconnect? It really boils down to people who have been displaced in certain sectors, think restaurants and retail, apparently waiting for the end of the virus to return to their previous jobs, leaving the larger employers in Tualatin still just as high and dry as they were pre-pandemic, when record low unemployment was the issue of the day.  

Tualatin has hundreds if not thousands of local job opportunities available right now. Many are in the world of production, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, CNC operation and programming, and a host of others. These local companies have strong sales and demand, yet they are often hampered by not being able to get the staff they need to get their product out the door. The increasing wages for local production jobs reflects this, going from the average of $13/hour for entry-level positions just a year or two ago to $15-$18/hour now. Yet even that is still not working, and they remain needy for help. Many of the companies we work with will train, so candidates can earn while they learn, yet still so few bites.  

The CCIO will be offering opportunities to connect job seekers with local companies in the coming months. Many currently unemployed who are holding out for their industry to come back might want to consider the possibility of exploring a new vocation that might be more sustainable as we move forward with a new and vibrant economy. For more information, email tualatincommercialcio@gmail.com.

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