Brain Balance Opens in Tualatin

Brain Balance
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Do you know a child who is bright, but nevertheless behind in school? Or, the child might struggle to keep friends, yet excel in other areas like memorizing facts. Sometimes he or she exhibits behaviors that you would expect from a much younger child, behaviors that are not age-appropriate. Picture a tantrum by a 12-year-old.

Brain Balance
(Left to right) Wendy Foster, Sarah Lampley and Melissa Lattig.

Rather than label a child, Brain Balance uncovers why a child struggles and, most importantly, how to fix it. The cutting-edge, drug-free program strengthens the child’s weaker areas, enabling that child to reach true potential.

The new center in Martinazzi Square will serve kids of all ages, strengths and struggles, and regardless of whether a child has a formal diagnosis.

“We don’t label the child or just manage symptoms. We go deeper to address the cause of the problem; the child gets real results and doesn’t have to work so hard,” said Wendy Foster, Brain Balance Director.

“As a father of struggling kids who had tried everything, Brain Balance made so much sense. It changed our lives. We finally knew where the problem was coming from, and knew how to fix it,” said parent, Bo Bingham.

Foster added, “Many parents come to us thinking that their child should have outgrown certain behaviors and patterns by now and unfortunately many kids don’t. That’s where we come in. Through a combination of sensory stimulation, physical and visual activities, we provide the foundation for learning and age-appropriate behaviors. This means less frustration and ultimately happier children and families! We are delighted to be a part of the Tualatin community!”

For more information visit or call 503-946-3330.