Cyndy Hillier: Advocate Extraordinaire

Cyndy Hillier (bottom right)
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Taking Community Activism to the Next Level

Cyndy Hillier doesn’t stop. She takes community activism to the next level. “She’s involved in everything.”, says friend Ken Caron. This, I learned, is an understatement. Cyndy is on a mission to make her corner of the world a better place.

Cyndy is Executive Director of Tualatin Together. “Tualatin Together’s greatest achievement to date is the growth of the number of students and community members willing to engage in the conversation around the “WHY” our youth have access, are using, are abusing, are not able to feel okay in their own skin. Joining this conversation as part of our coalition or a work group, ensures our work to reduce youth usage rates while we increase the perception of harm, is meaningful and sustainable. Joining this movement further ensures we are building youth who are ready to enter the work force and pass random drug testing, allowing employers to be confident in the youth they hire. Our work is for the entire community. Come be a part.”, says the advocate.

Wherever there is excellence happening in Tualatin, you can find Cyndy. This includes but is not limited to Tualatin High School PTA as acting president, co-chair of the Timberwolves Support organization, co-chair of the concession stands for high school sports (you can also find her working in the concession stand), Fastpitch Cares, board member of Packbackers, and is an active member of the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce. She understands how valuable community and business collaborations and partnerships are. It begs the question, is there anything Cyndy Hillier doesn’t do? The answer is no. Wherever there is a need, you will find her using her superior organizational skills and talents.

Cyndy, your city is grateful for all you do! Thank you for being a caring and energetic advocate! What will she do next?!

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