The Original Tualatins

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“Then Chief Ki-a-kuts (KáyaKach) said, he told
General Palmer, “alright, General Palmer, I’ll
give you my land now.”
General Palmer said, “three years you [will]
stay on your land. Then I will move you to Grand
Ronde. That’s where your land [for] all time will
be. For twenty years I will give you: cattle, horses,
money, guns, blankets, coats; everything you
“Alright, we will take your word [for it]. You are
an honest man, you, General Palmer. You will take
care of us.”
“Sure, all [of it] you will get, [every]thing that I
said to you.”
KáyaKach [said] “[done]! – I say [it is] so.””

Original Tualatins 3

With these words, and his signature on the
Treaty with the Kalapuya, etc. of 1855, Chief
Ki-a-kuts, the Chief of the Tualatin band of the
Kalapuya Indians, ceded to the United States
government the lands of his people, a portion
of which in time would become the City of

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