Food & Drink: Grab A Gyro


What’s in a name? – the Bard once wrote in Romeo & Juliet, to decry what we may call a person or a thing as random, illogical or arbitrary in comparison to the inner-qualities they may possess, or the capabilities or values things may have. Essentially, if they are called by any other name, are they not intrinsically the same? Although I am not oft to do it… I will disagree with Shakespeare, himself, for in these modern times it is: All In The Name, and none more so than Grab A Gyro. I know it seems a tad dramatic to compare and contrast the small family-owned business, who have been cranking out healthy and wholesome Mediterranean delicacies since opening their doors in Tualatin in August of 2018 with the classic, romantic masterpiece… but I prithee sit, read on and stay a while, whilst I count the ways.

The word grab is defined as: to obtain, seize or collect in a quick, unobstructed and convenient manner. To say that Grab A Gyro is convenient would be an absolute understatement. With their location on SW Boones Ferry Rd, they sit, quite literally, at the crossroads of the Tualatin Valley. Whether on your way to Sherwood, Tigard, the I-5 Freeway or tooling around in Tualatin, the large Grab A Gyro parking lot is readily accessible, and their doors are open 6 days a week (closed Sunday) from 10:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., and the friendly and professional staff are willing and able to provide deliciously fresh dishes for us all to enjoy in this fast-paced world that we live in. During this pandemic and the protective restrictions upon restaurants that we currently face, Grab A Gyro is wholly committed to continuing take-out orders through online, mobile app, phone and walk-in, and attentive and appreciative service while picking up your order in the clean environment.

Delicious Falafel and Basmati Rice.

But, when it comes down to it… the Food is the Thing! And- Wow! The smells, the sights, the tender, slow-roasted lamb gyro cascading with flavor. From the moment I put the bags of precious Mediterranean cargo in the car I knew that I was in for a definite treat for my taste buds. But, I was also faced with a quandary: race home so I can stuff my face with these amazing Greek eats… or take the long way home to ensure that my Jeep retains the intoxicating aroma of herbs and spices for days to come. Contrary to popular belief, I’m no dummy – so, I sped home so could formally dig in and enjoy the bounty in the back seat!

May I continue by saying that the Combo Kebob Platter is the way to go. Of course, it’s not the only way to go, however, if you are craving a sumptuous array and resplendent variety of Fire Grilled meat, look no further. The unity of a tender and herbaceous skewer of juicy white meat chicken; huge meaty, perfectly seasoned cubes of lamb on yet another skewer – that has you begging for another bite; and finally, my favorite, the Kafta – a scrumptious kebob of delectable, spiced ground lamb that makes one wonder why meatballs are so small. All of this atop a savory bed of steaming rice seasoned with a blend of proprietary spices that make this side dish habit-forming. House-made spicy garlic sauce and tzatziki add the ultimate boon for the senses, providing the right amount of heat or cool to the meaty trio.

Combo Kebob – Kafta, Chicken and Lamb.

If Falafel are your thing – I must add that Grab A Gyro might very well make the best I have ever had. Flavorfully spiced chickpea patties, so carefully fried that the crispness of the outer shell seems to be protecting the moist, fluffy goodness inside. Or, dip a still-warm baked pita into the delicate and silky smooth Hummus, or the smoky, citrusy Baba Ganoush – better yet a combination of the two. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dessert offerings – the flaky and airy Baklava glazed with honey and spice, or the heartier rosewater-soaked Kataifi, nutty and satisfyingly sweet drizzled with bitter dark chocolate.

Well, I’ve done it… made myself hungry again. But, more so they’ve done it – the crew at Grab A Gyro – made great, fresh, delicious Mediterranean food that is healthy, hearty and quick, but most definitely not “fast food.” So, to paraphrase my late friend William S., “That which we call Grab A Gyro by any other name would taste as good and smell as sweet,” but I say retain that dear perfection, and do as the Name tells you… grab a gyro, or a kebob or a falafel or anything from Grab A Gyro and savor the wisdom of your decision. Your mouth and stomach will! 

Alas, parting with my gyro is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodbye till it be morrow… which is when I’ll stop in again. 

Grab A Gyro is located at 19060 SW Boones Ferry Rd., Tualatin, (503) 454-0510,