Medallion Hunt

giant pumpkin regatta medallion
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In celebration of the 16th Annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta the City of Tualatin is bringing you this year’s exciting Regatta Medallion Hunt! A series clues will be revealed on the Regatta webpage and Facebook page that will lead you toward a hidden medallion. These clues, while not difficult, may require you to do a little homework.

The search will be for a 4-inch diameter bronze medallion engraved with the Regatta mascot (pictured). On the back of the medallion is information on how to redeem the medallion for a bounty of rewards! The person who finds and returns the medallion this year will win a prize package which includes 2019 West Coast Giant Pumpkin t-shirt, posters, and their own engraved bronze medallion!

The medallion is hidden on public property in plain sight. No digging, climbing, or tools are necessary to retrieve it. The medallion will be within 200 feet of the location of the last clue. The official rules can be found in the attachment below.

Thank you to Larry McClure from the Tualatin Historical Society for writing this year’s clues!

Clue reveal dates:

Clue #1     Available Now!
Clue #2     Available Now!
Clue #3     October 3
Clue #4     October 10

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