Preparing to Sell Your Home? Remember the 3 D’s…

The 3 D's of selling your home.
The 3 D's of selling your home.

By  Amy Savage, Oregon Principal Broker, A Group Real Estate

Every seller wants their home to sell quickly and for top dollar. When preparing your home to sell, remember these 3 D’s…

DISASSOCIATE – Letting go can be difficult. Often your home becomes part of you. It is full of memories. Removing the emotion is important. Begin to tell yourself “this is not my home, this is a house”, it’s a product to be sold. Choose to make the mental decision that your home will no longer be yours. Don’t look back, look towards the future.

DEPERSONALIZE – Pack up personal photos and family heirlooms. Remove sports memorabilia, bookshelves filled with books and items that may be distractive to buyers. This goes for furniture and art items as well. Maintaining a more neutral atmosphere will allow buyers to imagine their personal items in the home and more clearly visualize themselves living there. Try sticking with more understated pieces. Buyers quickly get distracted, help them stay focused.

DECLUTTER – Almost every home shows better with less, this is the “less is more” scenario. Decluttering applies to all areas of your home. Clear countertops, shelves, tables, mantel, etc.…. Have walls free from too many hanging items. Keep the entries into all rooms free from furniture that blocks full access. Buyers will look in the pantry, closets and drawers. Your home will show better when things are organized.

As you start implementing the 3 D’s you may come to realize you have several items you no longer need. Considering donating what you can and getting rid of everything else. For items you want to keep, rent a storage unit or PODS (Portable On-Demand Storage). In most cases, I recommend storing bookcases. They take up a lot of space and most items on them tend to distract buyers. Storing excess furniture and other items will make your home feel less cluttered and more spacious.

Once you have completed the above items, it’s time to make your home shine! Do a visual walk-through and make minor repairs. Tidy up areas that show excess wear and tear. Replace cracked tiles, freshen up caulking, patch any holes, touch-up paint, tighten leaky faucets and make sure all lights have working bulbs. Wash windows inside and out and make sure all mirrors are clean. Air out any musty areas and double check that closets smell fresh.

The last step is to stand in the doorway of each room and imagine how your house will look to a buyer. Make any final touches and be proud of yourself for taking these initial steps to get your home ready to sell.

For more information and additional steps that can be taken to increase the value of your home, contact a Realtor with a proven track record of sales in your neighborhood.