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Emma Gray has lived in Tualatin since 1999 with her husband, two daughters, and a multitude of cats. She serves on the Tualatin Community Police Board, is involved in the Tualatin Community Emergency Preparedness Team (CERT), and loves her city!

is a Tualatin High student and the secretary of LEAP.

has been a resident of Tualatin since 2008, raising a family here. She enjoys Tualatin’s small city suburban living blended with nature, including Tualatin Community Park, Little Woodrose Nature Park, and the Ki-a-Kuts Bike and Pedestrian trail bridge (great for rollerblading).

moved to Tualatin in 1997. Retired, she worked for electric companies to ensure equitable rates and wise energy use. She now serves on the Midwest CIO Board as Treasurer. She is also a CERT, a member of a City advisory committee, and helps at the Juanita Pohl Center.

Meals on Wheels People

is an NNC Board member who, along with her husband, has been a Tualatin resident for 15 years. She is a nutritionist and avid gardener with a passion for food, wellness, and supporting our community.