Mayor’s Corner

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The cities of Tualatin, Tigard, Sherwood, and King City have been working together to develop a request to ODOT and Metro’s Transportation 2020 task force to look at/fund a 99W corridor study in order to improve safety, travel technology, and off-street/active transportation options for travel on this significant highway.  The request is similar to a project that is underway to look at Tualatin-Valley Highway from Hillsboro through Beaverton and into Portland.

Highway 99W acts as a main arterial for local traffic and regional traffic comprised of both commuters and recreation travelers to the vibrant vinicultural regions and Oregon coast.  Congestion and crashes on 99W through the four cities are increasing and it needs to be fixed.

The cities believe we need a plan to coordinate and identify catalytic and shovel-ready projects to transition this older commercial corridor to one that is safer, appropriately designed for its level and type of use, and conducive to climate-smart travel options (e.g. transit).  There is also a need for key off-street trail and safety connections identified in Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan and safety improvements identified in ODOT’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

Goals of the proposed study would include:

• Improve safety on 99W by addressing the lack of safe crossings as well as pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle lanes as 99W was built before these items had standards.

• Develop a plan for increased public transit investment to enhance mobility from Yamhill County through Washington County and the region.

• Support the economic growth of Southeast Washington County’s industrial areas as a regional job provider.

• Support resiliency, clean air, water, and healthy eco-systems by acting as an alternate to I-5.

• To leverage regional and local investments in completing gaps in regional trails and giving better access to the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge.

Please let Metro know of your support of this effort by sending an email to and asking for this project to be included as a regionwide program.  To learn more about the 2020 Investment Measure go to

Don’t forget to visit the Pumpkin Regatta on October 19th.  The event kicks off at 10 AM on the Commons and wraps up at 4 PM.  The day’s activities include pumpkin bowling, pumpkin golf, pumpkin Tic Tac Toe, pumpkin checkers, and the Maker Space trailer.  The schedule is:

10:30 Costume Contest   

11:30 Mz Pearl’s Variety Show

12:00 Pumpkin races 1 & 2 Featuring the Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers and Regatta sponsors

1:00 Village Inn Pie Eating Contest

1:30 Tualatin High School Marching Band Pep Rally

2:00 Pumpkin races 3 & 4 Featuring Tualatin PD/ TVF&R vs Public and Lottery Winners

3:00 Mz Pearl’s Variety Show

Happy Halloween!