Octavio Gonzales is running for Tualatin City Council

Octavio Gonzales
Octavio Gonzales
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Octavio Gonzales is running for Tualatin City Council because, he said, “Our community is in need. I want to be one who steps up and cares for it.”

Tualatin’s population and diversity are growing exceptionally fast, and Gonzales wants to “lend a new voice to our growing community and bring much-needed help.”

He said he is bilingual and bi-cultural and has the unique ability to bridge communities. “I will use these strengths to provide a representative voice to our growing community and help close the gap for Tualatin’s at-risk and most vulnerable communities,” he said. “Having lived many of these challenges myself, I understand the challenges, and I am committed to making a difference.”

Tualatin is entering a period of growth, and Gonzales said that housing regulations need to be updated to reflect changing needs of the community and multi-generational families.

He has worked with a large, planned homeowner association, giving him experience in land use and zoning. “As an experienced landscape and conservation specialist in the private sector, I would be a great asset to the City of Tualatin as it makes decisions for the city’s long-term planning for the community,” he said. “Current measures and bonds affect housing affordability and the future development of Tualatin parks.”

He added that his experience also would be an asset in helping Tualatin incorporate the appropriate conservation technologies and proper planting, “which will need minimal care, resulting in cost savings for the city and more,” he said.

Gonzales added that safety and security in our neighborhood are a priority, and he supports law enforcement and will work to make sure it has what it needs to keep the streets safe and ensure laws are enforced.

He feels small businesses have suffered as a result of burdensome taxes, regulations, and shutdowns and will oppose any action that increases living costs while ensuring businesses stay open. Gonzales wants to help businesses fill job openings and help job-seekers find jobs. “I will provide the platform for jobs,” he said

Gonzales sees Tualatin as a destination point for many incoming families, where they can work, play and live all in one place. “Tualatin’s thriving business community creates opportunities for young people to transition into careers, living wage jobs, and own homes,” he said. “All is possible in Tualatin. Let us continue.”

Gonzales praised Tualatin Moving Forward for doing a fantastic job identifying, proposing, and executing its plan.