A Village For One: Uniting The Community To End Child Sex Trafficking


A Christmas tree, an encouraging word, someone to help them with a homework assignment, a chance to even go to school to be assigned homework…all seemingly insignificant happenings that we assume most children experience.

Let’s consider some other seemingly insignificant events. A car window rolling down, the nod of a head, a question to a young girl making her feel loved, a young relationship budding…

A Village for one

Austin Burres and Cassie Eichenberger


The reality for the young girls and boys who are victims of sex trafficking in Portland and the nearby surrounding areas, is that none of these scenarios listed above are insignificant. Most of them haven’t experienced anything from the first list, and would give almost anything to have even one of those things in their life over what they actually live through on a daily basis. For these same children, yes let me reiterate a thousand
times over that these are children, the second set of seemingly insignificant experiences are moments that sent their lives into a spiral of abuse and slavery that they could have never anticipated.


Village for One 2


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