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Is it Safe to See my Dentist?

“Social distancing.” “Stay home, stay safe.” “Masks are required!” These are all terms that...

King City Senior Village Residents Combat COVID Fatigue with Poetry

The residents at King City Senior Village (KCSV) are usually an active bunch, so when COVID-19 dictated implementing rules limiting family and...

Tualatin Rotary is a Pro at Peaceful Transfer of Power

On June 24, Rotary President, Lisa Thorpe presided over her last meeting. With a gracious and grateful address to members, she handed...

Dealing with Stress During a Pandemic

To say life is more stressful in 2020 may be the understatement of the year. When someone tells me they aren’t experiencing...

Coronavirus Impacts Local Housing Market

I never imagined I would be writing an article about the impacts of a world-wide pandemic on the real estate market. I’ve been in...

COVID-19 Fueling Telehealth Revolution

The phrase “telehealth” is one of the latest additions to our national medical vocabulary.  As we make our way through the current coronavirus (COVID-19)...

We Will Pull Through Together

When I last wrote it was unclear where this coronavirus was going to take us all. From a distance, it looked like it could...

Colds and Flus and Uh Oh!

Any other year this would be a late date to be writing about the highly infectious respiratory infections going around, and how best to...

Second Positive Case of COVID-19 Appears in Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority announced the second presumptive case of COVID-19 in Oregon. The second case is a Washington County resident who is an...
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