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Recipe for Inspiration: Pancakes and Passion Baskets

There is a bit of hustle and bustle surrounding me as I write. Sitting perched secretly in an outdoor office bubble provides...

From Point A to Plan B

Every experience is an adventure when working at The Garden Corner. It starts out differently each day. Some mornings...

The Early Bird gets the Pre-Order

Inspiration flows, but the words run dry. The sentences and half-formed thoughts in my head cannot quite find themselves strung together on...

New Year – New House – New Plants

How do you measure success? An intimately personal measurement of completion towards a goal or desired outcome that ranges widely from individual...

Transportation Bond Projects Continue to Advance

Tualatin’s 2018 transportation safety bond program continues to make progress toward safer pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, with a recent string of project...

Plants as (Political) Weapons

Leni knew what she wanted the moment she stepped into the nursery, and from the quick steps towards me, I surmised she...

Several Traffic Projects Slated to Begin in Summer

Even as the coronavirus pandemic has put so many things on hold, traffic improvement and neighborhood safety projects are continuing throughout Tualatin. “There’s a ton...

An Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

As I traveled past the city of Cornelius and into the adjoining wide open and scenic Oregon countryside, my delivery truck began to seriously...

Peter and Adul

We were discussing it all at the coffee bar just yesterday morning. Running a plant nursery, we agreed, was interesting for many reasons but...

No cheese with my water, please

By  Jonn Karsseboom I’m not a big cheese eater. I’m not opposed to it, but if I’m ever given the choice between adding cheese to something...
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