Aging in Place: May 2021

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    Yes, another spring is here and we are still wearing our masks and continuing to social distance. Yes, another spring is here and the sun is out, flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming, we can turn the heat down and open our windows for fresh air. While we still follow all the safety protocols, we can socialize more and not feel so isolated. Many have received their COVID vaccines and are probably feeling a bit more empowered to feel safe, go out of the house and be more active. 

    Being less isolated is good for our health and well-being, but sometimes we need to be home even as things are changing and looking a little more normal. One of our best community resources for things to do at home is our City of Tualatin website, On the home page under ‘Your Community,’ click on Parks and Recreation and then any one of the links on that page. Even though the Juanita Pohl Center is still closed, they have numerous online and virtual opportunities to take part in. Check it out and I’m sure you will find one or more things of interest.

    If you are venturing out, did you know that there is a new piece of art in Tualatin Community Park? It is the City’s first ever outdoor public mural on the wall of the main picnic shelter. It was painted with the help of 90 community members over two weekends and funded by the Washington County Community Psyche Grant. It is a vibrant work of art for everyone to enjoy. How about a picnic in the park by the mural?

    If you want to shake off the cobwebs, breathe fresh air and get those bones moving again, the City has several short and long park and pathway walks around the community. It’s a great way to get reacquainted with our natural surroundings. A short walk could be from Little Woodrose Nature Park on Boones Ferry to Lafky Park on Siletz, or Ibach Park to Lafky Park, both of which are under three miles. For a longer walk, there is Browns Ferry Park to the library, or Atfalati Park on Sagert to Browns Ferry Park, or Jurgens Park to the Tualatin Commons, each three to five miles long. You can find more on the City website. Make it a fun adventure and print out one of the scavenger hunt sheets on the site and have a friendly competition with your partner, your kids, your friends or walking group.

    I’ve said it before and will say it again: the Tualatin Community has a ‘can do’ spirit. We can weather any storm, survive any catastrophe and bounce back from the pandemic. Because we are families helping families, neighbors helping neighbors, a helping hand, a friendly wave, a warm greeting – that’s what gets us up in the morning, makes us smile and gets us through the day. Be kind to yourself and make sure you smile and say hello to someone today. It feels good and I bet that someone will return the greeting. AND WEAR YOUR MASK!

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