How to Get Google to Guide Customers to You for Free!

How mad is she?
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According to, 86.86% of all Internet searches are done on Google. If you create content which Google can index so other people can find it, Google guides new customers to you for FREE!


Use keywords. 

Keywords are those nouns or questions people have searched for since 1997 when Google began. 

Google was designed by engineers who thought people would access information about stuff. In English, we call these “nouns”: a person, a place or a thing. Therefore, if you asked Google about “Gouda Cheese” or “yellow flowers,” Google could inundate you with info. 

Realizing that people don’t filter their questions down to mere nouns, invented a search engine to which you could ask an entire question: “Where was Gouda Cheese created?” Realizing its lunch money was about to be swiped, Google invented a natural language search engine too! 

How do keywords function? 

As bait. When you fish, you use bait which that fish eats. It’s the same with keywords. Use keywords which your customers are looking for; when they find your content, these customers will come to you! 

How do you find keywords for your business?

Brainstorm. As a florist, I would look at the websites of award-winning florists to identify keywords and concepts in their content. 

  • Did one florist post content on wedding flowers? 
  • Did a florist post content on the meanings of the colors of flowers?
  • Did another florist post guidance on how to decide the size of a long-stemmed, red rose bouquet needed to solve the situation summarized by the question, “How mad is she?”

This prompts me with ideas for writing my content!

You find your keywords for free:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Search Console
  • Google
  • Answer the Public
  • Questiondb
  • Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyworddit
  • Bulk Keyword Generator

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Kathy Bazan
As a graduate of UCLA with certifications in mentoring small and medium-sized businesses, Kathy Bazan has won state and federal awards for the positive economic impact she has made on her community. She has worked with business owners in hospitality, IT, construction, healthcare, the arts, accounting, consulting, and many others. Ms. Bazan prepares loan applications for clients, creates marketing plans, and teaches social media content writing so that clients can expand their operations. In six years, she helped clients gain access to over $16M in capital and create over 450 jobs.