The Importance of “And” in Kind and Firm Parenting


Passport to Parenting2

Kindness and Firmness are two words that
are rarely used at the same time, however they
absolutely work best when used together! Some
parents are kind, but not firm. Other parents
are firm, but not kind. Many parents vacillate
between the two ~ being too kind until they
can’t stand their kids, and then being too firm
until they can’t stand themselves. This is what I
call, “Rollercoaster Parenting”. The rollercoaster
parent is very permissive until things spiral out
of control, then they tighten up the reigns, then
they feel guilty and become too kind again,
then realize they need to have rules and enforce
them no matter what. This constant up and
down method of parenting can be confusing to
the child and ineffective .