Easy Tips to Achieve Your Summer Body

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The sun is finally shining in Oregon and it’s beautiful outside.  It probably also reminds you that your winter “fluff” is still hanging around and your summer clothes might just not fit the same as last year.  Here at Aesthetic Body Design, your local aesthetic spa, we are bringing you some tips on some quick ways to feel more summer ready without hitting the gym.

1. Try a spray tan – although we are not big fans of actual UV tanning (it accelerates aging of your skin), we LOVE sunless tanning (AKA spray tans).  They are safe for your skin and can make skin look smoother, softer, hide imperfections, and give the skin vitality and color.  Most importantly, studies have shown, it can even make you look 10 pounds slimmer!  Such a quick way to feel ready for the warm summer days.

2. Body oil – Dry body oils that have a little bit of shimmer help increase the skin’s moisture while adding a sheen to the skin.  This is great to help hide cellulite on legs and arms and create a luminosity to the skin that may be hard to achieve naturally. 

3. Body makeup – Yes, there IS such a thing.  Look for a transfer resistant or non-transfer body makeup and it will make you feel much more confident in your summer wardrobe.  

4. Toss poor fitting clothes – The body is an ever changing, dynamic organism.  Be kind to yourself and toss clothes that don’t fit well or feel uncomfortable.  Buy something new and be open to trying a variety of sizes to get your perfect fit.  There is nothing that can make you feel grumpier than uncomfortable clothing!

5. Waist trainer – yes they help!  They can help you stand straighter and overall improve your posture.  This can give the torso a more “elongated” look.  

6. Try Pressotherapy – Pressotherapy is a procedure that can help with lymphatic drainage, thereby potentially slimming the look of the arms, abdomen and legs (because they carry less fluid), easing aches and pains, and detoxifying the body. It uses an air pressure machine to inflate a suit that squeezes your arms, legs, or abdomen in a rhythmic motion, similar to a massage, which speeds up the blood circulation and metabolism by using infra-red technology. This enables the dissolved fat to enter into the blood and lymph fluid where it travels to be removed from the body.

7. Body Sculpting – Body sculpting is a non-invasive way to reduce the look of cellulite, tighten skin, and reduce unwanted pockets of fat.  No gym required, this no-downtime treatment option allows you to target areas to slim and smooth and to create a better shape and silhouette of the body.  This can accelerate the slimming process in problematic areas without having to actually lose weight.  Results can be seen within a few weeks and increase over the course of an average of 12 weeks, all without the gym.

At Aesthetic Body Design, we are here to help all our clients feel their best and are currently offering free consultations for the entire month of May.  Give us a call at 503-575-7653 or send us an email at hello@aestheticbodydesign.com and set up a time to go over how our services can help you achieve your summer body goals.  We are excited to meet you!

Aesthetic Body Design is located at 19365 SW 65th Ave., Suite 104 Tualatin, OR 97062.

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Whitney Berrier
Certified Oregon Esthetician, has been on the forefront of face and body contouring for the past three years in Oregon. She has helped clients across the Northwest achieve their aesthetic face and body goals. Now, she brings her own body sculpting knowledge to Tualatin, with the latest and most advanced technologies from around the world. With her advanced expertise in the field accompanied by fully licensed aesthetic team – Aesthetic Body Design is Oregon’s premiere destination for face and body contouring – client focused, results driven. For more information or to book a consultation, visit www.aestheticbodydesign.com or call 503-575-7653.