Tualatin’s First Farmer’s Market 

George Saum Sr. (left) stands in front of his sawmill.
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George Saum Jr. poses beside his produce stand on Borland Road across the street and just east of Bridgeport School. Prices for produce were marked on a small blackboard, and if he had to be away, customers would make their own change from a coffee can on the honor system.  It is said that his melons were the best in the area. Saum used this photo as a Christmas card in 1934.  

Saum and his father George Sr. dammed the creek now named for them, logged the area with oxen and operated a thriving sawmill and logging business from 1880 until the dam washed out in 1906. The earthworks for the dam are still visible. The Saum ox yoke is now on display at the Tualatin Heritage Center.

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