Are you ready for Tualatin’s extreme weather events and other emergencies?

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Tualatin CIO President’s Report

We have seen a lot of weather extremes in our region just in the last few years. There have been hail, snow and ice storms, wind, thunder and lightning, flooding and extreme heat as well. Did one of these events impact your family? Were you prepared with supplies and information to get through the storm? Would you and your neighbors be able to support each other if you all had to shelter in place for five days? It’s never too late to start working on your plan, gather supplies and brush up on some basic first-aid skills!

The Tualatin Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) can help. CERT trains volunteers within Tualatin to be more prepared and able to assist others. Members learn about disaster preparedness and hazards that could impact our city. The team teaches basic disaster response skills, including fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations. 

Ongoing practice and community service opportunities allow CERT to help our neighborhoods to handle better whatever comes next. CERT training is a national program designed to prepare communities in the event of a disaster. Trained instructors guide participants through a 25-hour FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) course covering basic skills that are important to know when emergency services may not be available. 

This summer, CERT hosted the first-ever Tualatin Emergency Preparedness Fair. Thanks to our exhibitors, volunteers and partners, we delivered relevant info, experiences and prizes and advanced our community’s preparedness. 

Help yourself and your family and neighbors get better prepared by joining the CERT team so you can be ready for whatever “Mother Nature” throws your way!

A free Fall 2023 training class starts on September 12. Volunteers will meet in person for class on Tuesday evenings from 6 – 9 p.m. for seven weeks and then in person on Saturday, October 28, for hands-on, practical training. Space is limited. Please contact to enroll.

Riverpark CIO President, Janine Wilson:

East CIO President, Doug Ulmer:

Midwest CIO President, Richard Harrison:

Martinazzi Woods CIO President, Sallie Olson:

Ibach CIO President, Patricia Parsons:

Byrom CIO President, Tim Neary:

Commercial CIO President, Catherine Holland:

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