Next Steps of Planning the City of Tualatin Veterans Memorial

Proposed Veterans Memorial Park/Site Plan
Proposed Veterans Memorial Park/Site Plan Courtesy/City of Tualatin
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The City of Tualatin Parks and Recreation Department is excited to announce we began the next step to bring a Veteran’s Memorial to the City. Nearly a thousand community members participated in the previous process of selecting a location, themes, concepts, ideas, and thoughts for the Veterans Memorial concept plan in 2020. This next phase of the project will include site specific design with cost estimates, and determining funding opportunities. All these steps will rely heavily on community member input to bring a Veterans Memorial to Tualatin designed by and for the entire community. 

The first phase of the project focused on engaging the community to create a vision for the memorial and select a preferred park location. The community chose the east side of the Tualatin Commons Lake as the location for the future memorial. The community members also determined “who” the memorial should honor and defined the desired objectives and core themes. The shared community values documented in the 2020 Veterans Memorial Concept Planning & Site Selection Report can be viewed on our website in more detail and included the following themes: honor, connection, engagement, experience, timelessness and shared values. The community chosen location and values will be used to drive this next project phase. 

The second phase of this project began in October 2021 with the help of landscape architecture firm Shapiro Didway, who conducted extensive research on the community-selected location. This involved a through site examination and technical focus group meetings  to gather information on topics such as current park use, construction constraints, public safety and accessibility, proposed planning efforts, and opportunities to aid in the future site design. Now it is time for community members to join this process to help determine the future of the City of Tualatin Veterans Memorial!

Site Concept Plan
Site Concept Plan Courtesy/City of Tualatin

There will be serval opportunities to get involved in this exciting planning process! We will be hosting two open houses at the community chosen location, the east side of the Tualatin Commons Lake, this February. We hope you will join us on Friday, February 18 or  Saturday, February 19 from 11:30am until 1:30pm to provide input to create design options. Then we will once again be asking for community feedback on these design options though a series of online surveys and open houses. The final design concept, cost estimates and community feedback will be presented to City Council. Be sure to visit our website to stay up to date on this project: