Jessi Thorn Update

Jessie Thorne update
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Dear Tualatin Life Readers,

I am pleased to say that surgery is scheduled, for April 15th! We were unable to wait for the endoscopic procedure in California, as they were not budging on the price. There is a team of surgeons doing it here in Portland, at St. Vincent. Now, like I have said before, it is a more invasive surgery. It is not endoscopic, but microscopic. I will need a plate, and screws, to attach my bone back on. At my last appointment with them, they explained that they need to open up a bigger hole because of how large the cyst has become, they can’t just go in and suck it out. They need to be able to have a good view of what is going on, because if it has attached itself to other parts of my brain, it needs to be handled very cautiously. They also stressed needing to remove the whole thing, because they don’t know for sure if it is a cyst, or a tumor, given that it has some strange characteristics. Now I know there was many people that had been asking the whole time why I couldn’t just get it done here, but one of the surgeons that is performing it, was unwilling to do it before. Now, he has seen that it has grown and has some discerning characteristics, and has now finally agreed to be a part of the removal.

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