Member Directory

Tanya Eskandari is the Programs Coordinator for the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at 503-692-0780 or

Barbara Sherman is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a reporter and editor at several metro-area newspapers for nearly 30 years. You can reach Barbara at

Theresa Patton - You might just see our three year old triplet sons and six year old daughter around Tualatin as my husband and I do our best to raise them to be human beings full of gratitude, grace and joy.

Jonathan Crane is President of Integrity Staffing in Tualatin and is the Past Publisher of Tualatin Life. He’s lived in Tualatin for 22 years. You can reach him at

Erin Fitzgerald is a freelance writer and stays active by trail running. You can reach her at

Daniel is a long-time Tualatin resident, born and raised in Fox Hills and now raising his own family near Jurgens Park. He’s concerned about how our city’s lack of attention to the housing crisis may impact his family’s long-term wellbeing. Feel free to reach out by email or phone (971) 998-5407.

Diane Bonica taught kindergarten for 17 years in Tigard/Tualatin School District. She has lived in Tualatin for 31 years. Her three grown children all graduated from Tualatin High School.

Beth Sethi, when not out cycling with her kids and her husband Steve, is a college professor and an active volunteer at her kids’ school. Beth has lived in Tualatin for 13 years.

Jonn Karsseboom believes the best season for gardening is the season he finds himself in. Email him your garden questions to: