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Sammi the clinic cat provides Arthritis advice

Dear Diary, Day #7 of rain and impending winter gloom. The cool mornings have begun, oh how I miss...

How is your senior pet really doing?

How is your senior pet really doing? My Siamese Clive celebrated his sweet sixteen in February. While he has been considered a...

Simple Do’s and Don’ts to Keep your Pet Safe from Pesky...

Having your pets on flea and tick prevention is strongly recommended to keep them happy and healthy all year round. Unbeknownst to...

Pet Disaster Kit Checklist

Being prepared is key. I know that we often do not think of the Portland-Metro area as the center for disasters, but...

Holiday House Proofing

We recently welcomed Hobbes, a five-month-old kitten, into our little pet family. He is everything sugar and spice and so much trouble....

So Many Pet Foods – How to Choose?

Choosing a pet food can seem like a daunting task with advice coming from so many people and places. It’s easy to...

Five Fall Yard Safety Tips for Pets:

Composting is a wonderful, environmentally friendly way of breaking down kitchen waste into nutrient-packed matter for your garden. It can also...

Using Ultrasound as a Diagnostic Tool in Pets

An ultrasound examination (AKA echography, ultrasonography) is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows internal body structures to be seen by recording echoes...

Moving Houses with Pets

Recently I purchased my first house and began the process of moving my belongings and furry children to their new home from the apartment...
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