Living Legends: Del Judy

Del Judy
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At age 55, Del Judy decided if the last of her four kids wouldn’t leave home, then she would. In 1978, after the death of husband Clayton, Del joined the Peace Corps and accepted a two-year assignment in Thailand. But taking on an overseas challenge when others her age were dreaming of retirement wasn’t surprising to her friends and neighbors since this Tualatin icon had already made a name for herself as a farmer, piano teacher, 4-H leader, teacher of deaf students, dress shop owner, candymaker, Trailblazer fan, traveler, and church musician.

Coming home after her Thailand adventure in 1980, Del became an active member of the newly-forming Tualatin Presbyterian Church, served a year as president of Tualatin Historical Society, was a prime mover in Tualatin’s first farmers’ market and is still a relentless advocate for today’s Meals on Wheels program and a testament to the benefits of the Juanita Pohl “active aging” Center. In more recent years, Del has been honored for outstanding civic volunteerism.

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