Business Spotlight – Team Rehab

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Team Rehab owner and Physical Therapist Stan Gormin.

Stan Gorman was ahead of his time 20 years ago and still is.

A physical therapist in the metro area for 30 years, Gorman came up with the idea more than 20 years ago of opening a facility that offered chiropractic, physical and massage therapy plus acupuncture under one roof.

“It was unique and well accepted,” Gorman said. “No one else is offering this combination.”

His first clinic was in the Gateway area in Southeast Portland, which was followed by one in the Clackamas area seven years later; nearly two years ago Gorman opened the Tualatin clinic.

“We specialize in auto- and work-related accidents and injuries,” he said. “We’ve been growing and expanding, and the community has been really accepting of our program. Doctors refer patients to us, but we don’t need a doctor referral. The majority of our business is direct access.

“The combination of chiropractic and physical therapy is what many people want, and they like that the can get both in one location. A ton of our patients come back.”

Gorman explained that Team Rehab is a lot more streamlined than hospital-based PT clinics.

“We don’t need referrals or orders,” he said. “Since 1992 Oregon State Statutes allow people to chose who they want to go to. They have the opportunity to go to any facility they want.”

While every insurance carrier is different, “when we get a new patient, we call and verify the insurance benefits that are available and get pre-authorization to treat,” Gorman said. “Before they come in the first time, we know what we’re dealing with. We deal directly with the insurance companies so our patients don’t have to.”

Gorman explained that Team Rehab is customer-service oriented with patients having a positive experience.

“We do a lot of auto injury work,” he said. “Many want the chiropractic/physical therapy combo, which is kind of what we specialize in. People respond quicker and better with the combination and get a better outcome. Patients can come in and on the same day get stretching, physical therapy, massage and chiropractic.

“We do a lot of worker-compensation work for back strains and other injuries and get quicker, better results than just using one therapy. We are an individual, private practice. We are not affiliated with any hospital or medical group.”

Gorman said Team Rehab is one of best-kept secrets around, and he is pleased with the Bridgeport location, which is strategic and close to I-5. “I want to keep our locations convenient, especially because people sometimes go two or three times a week,” he said. “Once people come in, they don’t go anyplace else.”

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