Don’t Be Fooled!

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COVID-19 has changed our lives in ways we can’t imagine. Social distancing is a word we have come to deal with. Things will be different this coming Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. We won’t be able to go to meetings as we did in the past to learn about different Medicare options. Therefore, we will have to find alternative ways for getting information.

Don’t be fooled!

How many of you have called ‘The Medicare Hotline’ as seen advertised on many television commercials? Are you getting dental, vision, free rides to medical appointments, private home aids, free meals and more? I know many of you have been bombarded with the many different commercials advertising these benefits all day and night.

The question many of you have asked is, “Are they for real?” The correct answer is yes and no. What I mean by that is, yes, there are some Medicare Advantage plans that offer these benefits. Unfortunately, they may not be all in one particular plan that you may qualify for. Many of these plans have income qualifications you have to meet. In one 60 second TV commercial, they have all of us believing there is this one big super Medicare Advantage plan with all the ‘trimmings’ to go with it.

By now, most of you may be familiar with Zoom. Future meetings will be held over Zoom as oppose to having in-person meetings or gatherings at your local senior center. We are having to learn new ways to communicate with one another. There are plenty of local agents to assist you in making sure your Medicare needs are being met and your questions are being answered. Please don’t let some salesperson from who knows where, who doesn’t know the difference between St. Vincent Hospital and Meridian Park Hospital, entice you into a plan that doesn’t fit your needs. Don’t Be Fooled!

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