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Naturopathic Primary Care

By Dr. Jeff Clark, MD

Our return to writing articles for Tualatin Life is an opportunity to reacquaint our Tualatin community with True Health Medicine, PC and the naturopathic primary care we provide. A primary care provider is a trained and licensed healthcare professional you see for your routine health care, and your first place for help when non-emergency health problems arise. Your primary care doctor is your referral source for specialist services and the place you return for follow up and continuity of care after specialist care, major surgeries, and hospitalization.

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Vitamin D: Beating the Winter Blues is Only the Beginning

by Tree City Chiropractic

We love living in the Pacific Northwest: the mountains, ocean, forests and plains, and yes, even the rain. We know that our damp climate contributes to the lush greenery surrounding us. We accept our soggy seasons as the price well paid to reside amidst such awe-inspiring beauty. But is there a hidden cost to spending such a significant amount of time without seeing that bright beautiful sun?

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