Aging in Place: July 2020

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Look familiar? It’s how I look every time I wear my mask! Yet I put on my mask anyway whenever I am out. I have paper ones, cloth ones and even some in different colors/patterns to coordinate with my clothes (and yes I know that sounds vain). The bands that go over the ears on all of them make my ears stick out and it looks silly, I fog up all the time, it’s hard to talk sometimes and no one knows if you are smiling or frowning, but I put the mask on anyway. 

Wearing a mask probably isn’t the most difficult thing we do each day but it is one of the most important and necessary things to do, especially for us older folks. Please say out loud: “Yes I wear my mask.”

The second most important and necessary thing we must do each day for ourselves, and our family and friends, is to not be isolated. I realize it is easy to say and not so easy to do. Isolation is at the top of the list for health conditions for seniors. I have listed before, and will do so again, some resources to combat loneliness and isolation:

In our Tualatin community, your resource is the City website, on the face page under ‘Your Government’ click on Parks and Recreation and then on Resources Available for Older Adults for information on services.

  1. If you need a ride anywhere in Tualatin, call Ride Connection at 503-226-0070 to register. It’s free and runs Monday through Friday.
  2. For information on Washington County services and resources, go to (Disability, Aging and Veteran Services) or call 503-846-3060.
  3. For up to date information on the coronavirus and Phases I, II and III, go to or
  4. If you are in need of food and/or household supplies, contact the School House Pantry at 503-783-0721 for information. If you are in need of medical/dental care, contact the Borland Free Clinic at 503-974-8887. They are both located at the Rolling Hills Church at 3550 SW Borland Road.
  5. Check out the AARP website at for services, information and resources.

And lastly, stay in touch with family and friends and your neighbors. We are all just a phone call away. Please don’t be hesitant to ask if you need something. As I said in last month’s column, Tualatin has a can-do spirit and we can and do reach out to help each other. It really is okay to let someone know you need something – even if it is just a phone call now and then to hear a friendly voice. If you don’t ask, how will your friend or family or neighbor or one of the above resources know you could use a helping hand? Don’t we all need a helping hand now and then? I know I have and once you take that first step and make that first call, life oftentimes doesn’t feel so hard. 

Please…wear your mask, social distance and call.

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