Feast on THIS!

Feast on THIS
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No matter what holiday you celebrate, November and December usually involve a lot of family togetherness and a lot of feasting! Instead of overeating this holiday season, I’m suggesting we all feed our hungry hearts with genuine connection to others. We know that we nourish our bodies and our families’ bodies by cooking and eating healthy food. Who and how do we nurture our souls? Have an Encouragement Feast!

Encouragement Feasts are a time when family members (or classmates, or members on a team, or colleagues) take turns saying positive things about each other and to each other. Encouragement Feasts helps us teach our children values by acknowledging progress, growth, and improvement, as well as recognizing the small kindnesses and acts that build character. Encouragement Feasts can be done anytime… to kick off family meetings, to celebrate birthdays, before big events like a test, a performance, or a game, or just anytime you feel like connecting or someone needs their spirits lifted.

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