Tualatin CIO President’s Report: April 2023

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Tualatin’s CIOs Are There for You and Our Community

Community Involvement Organization (CIO) Program gives people a way to cooperate with one another and with the City of Tualatin. Through your CIO, neighborhoods communicate and build strong community. Through your CIO, your voice can be amplified in messages to the City Council and Staff. Your opinions are important and you have active neighbors who can provide information about how to thrive in Tualatin. You can be active too!!

Participation in a residential CIO is open to people aged 16 and older who reside within a CIO boundary. By living in the CIO, you are already a member. It is easy to find out which residential CIO is yours. Go to our website, www.tualatincio.org, and click on We Care! on the home page, enter your address and it will find your CIO. You can also click on the box “Enter your address to find your CIO!”

Membership in the commercial CIO is open to any business owner or their representative, any non-profit organization representative, or any property owner operating or owning within the Planning Area of the City of Tualatin.

About CIOs 

CIOs exist to ensure opportunities for involvement by all community members. They sponsor many activities for Tualatin people to become informed and/or active in your community. Individuals make up a neighborhood CIO. Each CIO can receive education, gather information and opinions of the neighborhood, and craft possible solutions. CIOs also work with the City on large and small issues. In this framework, the CIO organizations exist to:

  • Provide a public forum for issues that affect neighborhoods, the CIO, and the City. There are educational events for individuals, and groups (community and governmental) to learn about shared issues. These public forums also provide for an exchange of views and opinions among CIO members and CIOs on such issues; and
  • Provide a public forum for community members to present their views and input to the City Council and other governmental and community bodies such as City advisory boards and committees, service clubs, and other community organizations. Topics include land use, and other topics that affect neighborhoods, the City, or the region; and 
  • Provide a formalized channel of communication and dissemination of accurate and timely information between the City government, other governmental bodies, and the CIO and the CIO’s members. 

About CIO Membership and Leadership Roles

Each CIO operates with many members and a leadership structure that is like many other citizen organizations. Each CIO is comprised of general members and a Board of Executive leaders that have specific duties. Each CIO has regular meetings of its general members and of its Executive Board. This way, CIO Leadership can well represent their communities to other CIOs and to the City. The roles of the CIO and its leaders can be described as follows: 

  • The President sets the agenda and presides at the meetings of the CIO and the Executive Board.
  • The Vice President serves in the absence of the President; assists the President; facilitates CIO elections; and performs other duties as designated by the Board. The Vice President is elected in even-numbered years. 
  • The Secretary keeps accurate attendance records of all meetings; and keeps minutes of each meeting. years. 
  • The Treasurer receives, deposits, disburses, and accounts for all CIO funds on the Grant Funding Program; and performs other duties as designated by the Board. 
  • The Land Use Officer keeps current on land use issues pertinent to the CIO; may speak on behalf of the Executive Board and CIO pertaining to land use issues. 
  • The Officer At Large works at the discretion of the Executive Board, there is up to one Officer at Large position on the CIO Executive Board. 
  • The CIO General Member may participate in CIO events and business as interests and issues are relevant to each member.

Ways for you to support your CIO right now

Every day every CIO general member can participate in issues that are important to them. Through your own CIO Executive Board, a general member can become educated on a personal issue, and/or active in numerous activities that are being developed or performed.  Each CIO has projects that provide general members the opportunity to meet their neighbors and have fun. Want to get involved or have any questions?  Email tualatincio@gmail.com, or email your CIO President below:

Riverpark CIO President, Janine Wilson:

East CIO President, Doug Ulmer:

Midwest CIO President, Richard Harrison:

Martinazzi Woods CIO President, Sallie Olson:

Ibach CIO President, Patricia Parsons:

Byrom CIO President, Tim Neary:

Commercial CIO President, Catherine Holland:

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