Our Little Slice of the World

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By: Jonathan Crane, Publisher. 

With all the uncertainty in the news, it’s pretty clear that there are things in this world we simply can’t control.  However, no matter how dire the global situation might be, we can certainly take comfort in the great things happening in our little slice of the world. 

 You can dwell on the negative or you can focus on the positive.  There is no shortage of sources for you to get information that will make you quake in your boots, but this issue is filled with local stories that will renew your faith in humanity, our community and our ability to make a difference. 

Since the inception of Tualatin Life there hasn’t been an issue filled with more stories about our resilience, our kindness, our desire to improve our community and our achievements from individuals, teams, and local organizations.   

From the CIO’s official acknowledgment by our city council, to a young woman’s struggle to make it through an extremely rough road to get to college, from an organization helping a small city in Africa get reading glasses, to a group of people trying to keep drugs and crime out of their neighborhood, our community is filled with people who are determined make the world a better place. 

Because many of us view our homes as investments, I thought I’d ask three extremely sharp local real estate professionals to give their spin on our local market.  I found their responses enlightening and I’m hoping you will as well.   

I felt badly that I couldn’t run all the articles that were submitted this month.  However, I was able to post additional stories on our website and some expanded versions of stories I had to trim down.  I especially invite our local baseball/softball league fans to see expanded coverage of All-Star results and stories I couldn’t fit in the paper.   

Our local economy depends on your dollars to support our community.  It’s a very circular thing.  The more we support them, the more they support us.  Please make every effort to shop locally and support our advertisers.  They are the one’s your kids ask to sponsor their teams/programs/schools so investing in them is an investment in Tualatin.