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Rotary Cares About Washington County Residents

The Tualatin Rotary Club has been committed to the advancement of local residents for the last thirty-five years.  In 2020, COVID-19 tried...

Rotary Sharpens Scholarship Scope

The table could be anywhere in Tualatin, but the people seated at it and the work in front of them is unique...

Tualatin Rotary is a Pro at Peaceful Transfer of Power

On June 24, Rotary President, Lisa Thorpe presided over her last meeting. With a gracious and grateful address to members, she handed...

Rotary Retools to Serve in the Time of Coronavirus

The Tualatin Rotary Club serves our community in many ways.  When the coronavirus hit, members were anxious to be of service. With weekly meetings...

The Tualatin Rotary is an All Season Santa

As we move deeper into December, holiday activities gear up. Our community twinkles with lights and little ones become fascinated with the traditions of...

Books POP-UP Thanks to Rotary

Pop-up businesses are in vogue. Thanks to The Tualatin Rotary Club, Books on Wheels is on trend this summer. The summer reading delivery project has...

Tualatin Rotary Awards Scholarship to Ines I. Venegas

By  Jeff Smith, Tualatin Rotary Ines I. Venegas is the winner of the Tualatin Rotary Mentor Scholarship, Class of 2019. Ines is a junior at Tualatin...

Tualatin Rotary Club Supports Unique Cafe

By Diana Bonica, Tualatin Rotary   When you think of a cafe, pastry and coffee set out on umbrella decked tables is a common image. Tualatin...

Tualatin’s Mobile Makerspace Makes a Visit to the Rotary Club

BY DIANE BONICA, TUALATIN ROTARY It is not often that you get to see “the power of a pen” yet Rotary members witnessed this...
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