From Running Banks to Runny Noses

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By Jenny Lind Conlee

When you meet Marlene Redwing, you start to believe that Fairy Godmother’s are a real thing. She has been a director of a preschool and daycare in Tualatin for ten years. She partners with parents to prepare children for moving into elementary school by providing an environment that is both loving and structured. She has established herself as mentor among her staff as well; leading by example while also empowering them.

What Marlene won’t tell you is that she was an executive in the banking industry for over 20 years. With her business savvy and people skills, she moved up thru the ranks to become a Vice President. However, she always wanted to work with kids. Marlene had a lifetime of experience in serving kids in her community and in her local church, not to mention raising two of her own. When this position of director for the preschool became available, it was clear to her that this was the right move and a chance to achieve a lifelong dream.

Marlene could’ve continued on her career path. She was successful and was climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, she chose to serve others. Our city is a better place for it. Thank you, Marlene, for loving kids, families and your community!

Jenny Lind Conlee is the wife of a Tualatin pastor, mom of twin boys, actor, singer, comedian and lover of donuts. You can follow her on Twitter @jennylindconlee or on her blog:


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