November 2015 Blog

Jonathan Crane
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I receive a lot of submissions each month of stories that ask for help in one way or another. I feel that I must be very selective as to which ones I run because I want them to be impactful to our readers and to our community. A few weeks ago I received a story that was simply too compelling and certainly too urgent to ignore.

Her story is below and it simply hit me wrong that in this day and age a beautiful 25-year-old woman with an equally beautiful child has to go through so much to get the help she needs. She’s insured with the Oregon Health Plan, but since the specialist for this surgery is in Los Angeles, so she has to purchase another expensive policy to go out of network and spend an absolute fortune to save her life. And even that insurance only covers 50% of the surgery cost.

Can we help this situation? Yes, we can. Please read her story and if so inclined, please help by either donating money or spreading her story on Facebook. If we make noise, the story will get picked up by other, larger media and that will definitely help her. Let’s do this.

The Pumpkin Regatta was a blast. It is such a unique event and seeing grown people in costumes row around the lake at the Commons in carved out ginormous pumpkins is just not something you see every day. Turnout was well over 15,000 people, which is more than double last year’s numbers. See some great photos inside the paper.

The Regatta 5k Run in the morning was also an incredibly feel-good event, as always. To honor the late Corporal Matthew Lembke and his family are reason enough for me, but it hardly ends there. This run has so many angles and they’re all good. It raises money for scholarships to deserving TuHS kids each year in honor of Matthew Lembke. TuHS teacher Kathy Hollamon continually leads the charge on this one and does so masterfully.

On our Facebook page, I get a lot of feedback about how we need more locally owned, interesting restaurants. We actually have quite a few. The better our cool, locally owned places do, more will be attracted to open up here. Next time you are thinking of a place to eat, perhaps you can try one of them.

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